Saturday, September 24, 2016

Japan's Akasaka Yukun at Shaw Centre, Singapore

Unagi Seiro Mushi 1 Layer

You know that Food Republic food court down in the basement of Lido? It's a bit cavernous, and thus not very obvious that there are stalls in the back. Well, now five stalls in the back have collectively formed Japan Foods Garden (1 Scotts Road #B1-01, 6493-7300). This is not to be confused with Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria, despite the fact that that the latter is run by Isetan and yet the former is next door to Isetan.

One of the stalls was this unagi shop from Japan that has been around since 1952. They specialize in unagi, and fortunately that one-layer seiro above was 50% off its usual S$28.80 (US$21.20) price. They weren't super generous with the unagi, but it did the job. I kinda liked the earthy-flavored rice underneath too.

Having said that, I'm not going to make any effort to come back, especially if they finally start charging the full S$28.80. It's really still just a food court at the end of the day, and at those kinds of prices, I'd rather just go to a proper unagi shop. None of the other stalls here looked very appetizing either; to be honest, they looked like boring old Food Republic stalls more than anything else.

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