Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unadon from Singapore's Chikuyotei

Special Deluxe Unadon

Chikuyotei was an old Ginza-based unagi shop that we were considering going to on our last run to Tokyo, but did not have the time to make it out to. Something about that name sounded so familiar though, and it dawned upon me later that we had been there their Singapore branch at Ngee Ann City. They were apparently related to Si Bon out on Sentosa too. Really? Well, Si Bon was great, and if Chikuyotei was such the historical legend that it was made out to be, then I figured that this was sure to be a winner to come back to again.

Unfortunately, that probably also built up our expectations too much. I opted for the top-end Special Deluxe Unadon at S$76 (US$54) tonight in the hopes of getting the richest unagi I'd had in my life. Instead, it turned out to be leaner than I had hoped, reminding me a bit more of saltwater-based anago instead. Well, it definitely wasn't bad though, and was still easily edible. This "special deluxe" version that I got also had a pleasant surprise to it: a third slice of eel layered into the rice underneath. Cool.

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eimyllin said...

I really enjoy reading your blog - pls keep it up!

The unadon looks delicious! Would you recommend it as a must try at $70? I've had Unadon at Tomo Restaurant in Marina Square for $30-$40 and it was divine.