Sunday, September 25, 2016

US Epilogue: Two Cans of Spiced Sardines

From Top: Nuri Brand Spiced Portuguese Sardines and Flower Brand Moroccan Spiced Sardines

I saw these at a market in the US earlier this month and picked up a couple of cans to try. What's interesting is that despite these two seemingly coming from two different vendors and countries, the list of ingredients is nearly identical all the way down to the punctuation. Either way, the Portuguese one on top was the more interesting one for me, as it was more tender and tasty. The Moroccan one underneath featured bigger, firmer sardines, and it somehow didn't taste as good, even if the ingredients seemed pretty similar.

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Hungry in Dallas said...

I picked up the Nuri brand a few weeks ago (at $4/can - YIKES). They were delicious! Yesterday, I saw the Flower brand and decided to try them (at $1.59/can). I totally agree with you. The Nuri Portuguese sardines taste better!!