Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre in Penang, Malaysia

Fried Stuff

After finishing meetings today, we had just enough time to run up to Gurney Drive for some hawker food before heading to the airport. There were a couple of things that I hadn't seen before, particularly stalls like the one on top selling fried food on skewers. It turned out that they refried the food before serving it.

Sotong Bakar

There were also a couple of stalls selling sotong bakar, which to my surprise, used dried squid rather than fresh ones. That didn't make it easy to eat though, so I filled my belly with some of the requisite Penang items, like assam laksa and Penang koay teow, the former of which was super tangy.

Oyster Omelette

Perhaps the most stellar item was this oyster omelette, as those slimy little globs of briny goodness went nicely with the grease, salt, and chili. Next time I need to remember to try the ikan bakar; I simply didn't have enough stomach space left tonight.

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