Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shabuyaki Kazuya on Stanley Street


This is a bit complicated to explain, so bear with me. First off, I'm pretty sure that this is unrelated to Kazu at Cuppage Plaza. And during the daytime, this place (17 Stanley Street, 9062-6379) serves ramen.

But the guy behind Ramen Bar Suzuki also partnered up with an old classmate that runs a famous yakiniku chain in Japan called Sanbyakuya. So at night, they serve these shabu-yaki combination things, which I've never seen until tonight. I guess it's a bit like mookata.

Not only was it surprisingly good (quality ingredients, perfectly seasoned), but it was also surprisingly cheap for what you got. I'm definitely coming back here again, perhaps opting for more meat next time, or even that teppan chiritori nabe that I saw on the menu too. I wonder if it's anything like Kinoshita's gyu-nabe.

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