Thursday, July 04, 2013

I Just Ate a Bowl of Bull Penis Soup by Accident

Sup Torpedo Lembu

I was still hungry after eating that plate at Line Clear, so I walked up the street to see what else I could find, stopping at this string of stalls called Sup Hameed that seemed like they might have some promise (48 Penang Road, 261-8007). There was one guy selling sup kambing, featuring a long menu with a bunch of things that I didn't recognize. Maybe it was just because both Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October were on TV the other day, but somehow the name sup torpedo lembu sounded like it might have some promise. It couldn't have been more than just a few seconds after I placed my order did the thought dawn on me: "Wait a minute - these guys sell soup with various cuts of torpedo what I think it is?"

Leftover Slices of Dick

I quickly Googled it to be sure, and yep - I just ordered a bowl of bull penis soup. The good thing was that the soup was indeed just like normal kambing soup, and a pretty good one at that; I graciously dipped my bread in the broth and slurped it up. But the penis was...well, there wasn't much taste, but the texture was a bit like stale gummi bears: it was chewy. While it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it wasn't exactly something that I was excited about either, making me leave a half-eaten bowl of sliced-up dick sitting by the streets of Georgetown. Now where is Andrew Zimmern when you need him??

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Unknown said...

You may be the only person I would believe when they said "I ate penis. By accident."

BTW, Chego moved downtown from its West L.A. location. Another interesting place called Phorage is opening in its place shortly.