Thursday, July 04, 2013

Nasi Kandar Line Clear in Penang, Malaysia

Nasi Kandar

This is probably not a place that I would normally try to hunt down on my own. But I'll admit it...I came here because Bourdain had it on his show, and I figured that if nasi kandar was the thing to get in Penang, then I might as well give it a try, especially since they were open 24 hours (77 Jalan Penang, 261 4440).

I was a bit confused at first. I mean, I figured that it was going to be like a nasi padang, where you just pointed to a bunch of random trays of pre-cooked food to go with your rice. I started with some fried chicken that they had just brought out, figuring that it was still hot and good. But after that, he just started to dress it in three or four different curries and was ready to leave my plate at that. I had to ask for that piece of fried egg quickly or else he was ready to move to the next person in line.

Anyway, after finally sitting down, I had a taste. It was fine - it pretty much tasted like it looked, and all of the carbs, salt, and fat probably would have been great after getting sloshed from a few beers. But eating it while sober wasn't anything that I particularly went nuts over. The cab driver told me that it tastes a lot better if you eat it with your hands rather than with silverware, but clearly I just don't have the skills for that.

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