Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Sikh Temple Meal

Lunch at a Sikh temple

Apparently it's common to eat at a Sikh temple after the ceremonies, so after a wedding today, we went into the cafeteria downstairs where we were served a surprisingly good vegetarian meal. It featured the usual peas, potatoes, rice, yogurt, and chipatis, but what also made it fun for me was that this was the first time I ate with my hands (when in Rome...). It's a lot harder than it looks, and I found that I really lack skills in this regard, considering that I was dropping rice everywhere. But I eventually made do (by the time I got to the yogurt, I just brought the bowl up to my mouth and poured it in).

Handing out a warm oily sweetAlso worthy of note was the warm gooey sweet handed out during the ceremony (I forgot the name, but it was good as it was more oily than sweet). Interestingly, some of the desserts given out at the end were also more oily than sweet. It's cool to see so much food associated with all of this.


shakester said...

thats halwa ('halwa' is of many kinds, this is made from suji usually), and most of the best of this kind is had at Sikh gurudwaras.
and oh, its chapatis

Raziack said...

Halwa?? I dun think so, If what is describe is from the 2nd picture than it is not Halwa its called Persaad.

flyinsikh said...

The "gooey stuff" your reffering to is called "Parsaad" made from using ghee, suji(type of flour), sugar. It's offered to the Guru's by the Sikh Priests, and then served to the sangat (the followers/people in the gurdwara). And the Cafetteria is a Langar Hall, where everyone no matter race,caste, sex equally sit together and share the vegetarian food, which is cooked by the sewadars (helpers) in the Gurdwara. God Bless