Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jingisukan at Ohsho


Whoa. I had just watched Japan Hour on Channel News Asia earlier in the day, when they discussed jingisukan, a Hokkaido speciality of sliced lamb (i.e., "Ghengis Khan," get it?). (Interestingly, the Japanese also call buffets baikingu, or "Viking" - as in smorgasbord.) And after some drinks tonight (and a failed attempt to go to Noodle House Ken as they had run out of broth already), we headed over to Ohsho, where - lo and behold - they had new menus with jingisukan prominently featured in the center of the menu. Unfortunately, it was obvious that this was prepared in quite a rush given the egregiously thickly sliced onions in here. And frankly, the taste was a bit boring.

TenshinhanWe also ordered the tenshinhan, which is basically a crab omelette on top of steamed rice. Yawn! This was a bore too, especially with that excessive amount of corn starch-based goo dumped all over it.

It's too bad that Noodle House Ken ran out of broth tonight. I should have heeded my own advice and stuck to the chahan and gyoza when falling back on Ohsho.

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