Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rumah Makan Aceh Seulawah, Jakarta

Mie Aceh and others

A former colleague of mine once told me many years ago to check out this place (9 Jalan Bendungan Hilir, 021-5708660), which serves food from the Aceh region of Indonesia. They have a variety of items to choose from, nasi padang style, including a variety of spicy fish and chilies that went down easily.

I was also told that one has to get the mie aceh, or basically noodles from Aceh. I liked it a lot - it was spicy without being fishy or sweet. Perhaps the most notable thing of them all here though was something on the menu called sambal ganja. Yep, that one. They were sold out of it tonight, but Snoop Dogg and glaucoma patients around the world would have surely been excited.

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Isman Tanuri said...

One of my favourite restaurants in Bandung is Sambara and the great thing is, they have a couple of branches in Jakarta. Highly recommended!