Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Singapore Teochew Festival at Ngee Ann City

Teochew Kway Teow

There's a food section in the back of the Teochew Festival running at Ngee Ann City right now, and I was surprised by how much I liked the two dishes that I got. This Teochew kway teow in particular was deliciously smoky (kinda like the Cantonese version), and all without any of that goopy sauce that usually accompanies most versions that I've had around here. I wonder why this rendition is not more popular; I'd sure eat it a lot more if it were more common.

Oyster Omelette

I was also told to get an oyster omelette, and this was delicious too, especially since it came straight out of the fryer. It was topped with a generous amount of cilantro and complemented nicely with a little saucer of salty stanky fish sauce. What a cholesterol bomb though.


muchadoabouteating said...

Most teochew restaurants still serve this chai por kway teow. Do give chao shan and chin lee restaurants a try, their versions are good.

bma said...