Friday, October 10, 2014

FOC by Nandu Jubany, Singapore

Gambas al ajillo

This place has a bit of a split personality (40 Hongkong St, 6100-4040). On one hand, it's associated with a Michelin-starred chef from Barcelona, and a number of the items that we started out with today were simple, traditional, and delicious. On the other hand, this place is actually run by a former Foodbar Dada chef, and some of the items that we got today were just like Foodbar Dada: a more modern interpretation with heavier flavors, which I am not a huge fan of.

Pulpo ala Gallega

Witness the pulpo above, which just as with Foodbar Dada, was served on a wooden sushi plate. It was very edible and tender, but I would have wanted it to be grilled a little longer, sprinkled with a smokier paprika, and drizzled with a fruitier olive oil. The gambas al ajillo at the top likewise was naturally sweet and tender (and looked great coming out of the kitchen), but was more of a modern interpretation than the traditional small version in a little ceramic cazuela. It was all very edible, but none of it blew me away.


In that sense, I'm not really going to come back here again. If someone drags me here, then I certainly won't complain, but if I'm going to eat food from ex-Foodbar Dada chefs, then I'd rather go to Moosehead. And if I really wanted good food, I'd probably go to Catalunya. Actually, hold that thought. Maybe I'll come back to FOC on my own, but if so, it'd be to try the cocktails. Apparently the bar here is run by a former Catalunya guy, and I sure liked what he did over there.

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