Friday, October 19, 2012

Foodbar DaDa, Robertson Quay

Romesco Asparagus

No, this wasn't meant to be two nights of Spanish food in a row. But these guys have been getting a bit of attention lately, in part due to the fact that they sell Josper Grills. So we came by tonight to give it a try (60 Robertson Quay #01-12, 6735-7738).

The good thing was that the food was of high quality, with the patatas bravas and some kind of creamy cod puffs in particular being a couple of my favorites. But as you can see in the photo above, they plate things up in a more modern fashion. And they tended to avoid the use of Spanish on the menu, calling the paella something like "black Mediterranean rice" instead.

I prefer the more traditional means of Los Primos. Take, for instance, the pulpo here, which was just as tender and with a delightful smokiness at that. But the paprika and olive oil were much more pronounced at Los Primos, and they didn't have to resort to trying to plate it on a sushi stand like they did here.

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