Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Envalira at Plaça del Sol, Barcelona


This was a bit of an old school place (13 Plaça del Sol, 93-218-5813), and we came here because they supposedly had a bit of a reputation for good rice dishes. We thus grabbed an order of arròs negre, which I rather enjoyed with its delicately cooked rice and flavor, even if the unsightly black squid ink appearance kept messing with my head. We also tried some Catalan botifarra for the first time, which was hearty and firm, tasting a bit like a breakfast sausage at that.

But non-smokers may also want to think twice about coming here given how smoking was permitted inside this little place. And our order of peppers from their specials list were a bit soggy, so this place probably won't be high on my priority list for a return visit. At least I finally got some mushrooms tonight, even if they weren't the wild ones that I was hoping for. Plaça del Sol wasn't immediately obvious on a map, so the GPS coordinates were approximately 41.4018 degrees north by 2.1567 degrees east if it helps.

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