Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sights from Mercat de Santa Catarina

A Selection of Tomatoes

One thing Barcelona is not short of is markets. La Boqueria may be the famous one, but I liked this one better. Less chaotic and housed indoors, this one featured of course the usual veggie, seafood, and butcher stands, as well as ham, cheese, and egg shops. Check out all of the varieties of tomatoes available above, as well as the selection of mushrooms below.

A Selection of Mushrooms

Seeing such a wide range of mushrooms at the market has made it all the more frustrating that every single restaurant we've been going to has been out of mushrooms for some strange reason. I've really got to try some of these elusive things soon, especially the orange and green colored ones that seem to be featured at the market.

Note to self: the artichokes here in Barcelona were all on the small side, making the ones that I'm used to in California look like they are on steroids.


Bang said...

Pictures look great. What camera are you using for food photography?

bma said...

Right now it's a Nokia N82.

expat in Belgium said...

The artichokes you see now in the european markets are baby artichokes, you only need to trim the top third, some of the outer leaves, and can pan fry or roast most of the rest. The larger artichokes are also available, but not now - those would be the type you know from CA.