Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Indian Wok on East Coast Road


Yes, I chuckled a bit when they brought this thing out. It was as if Panda Express got in a fight with Swenson's, and this was the result. But it was a proper dessert called darsaan, featuring honey-glazed strips of wonton skins served à la mode (if you think that was weird, you should have seen the "sizzling brownie" served on a hot plate!). I didn't care that much for it, but it was interesting to see.

Anyway, this was all from a place called Indian Wok (695B East Coast Road, 6448-2003), which we came to for a business lunch today. The same trusted adviser who introduced me to gems like Bar-B-Q Tonight and Bismillah has been talking about this place for ages. And the good thing was that he was right: all of the items that we got in the beginning were delightfully spicy. I'm normally not big on paneer, but this one was done so nicely that I kept eating it.

Unfortunately, some of the items that we got toward the end weren't as exciting, especially since most of them were rather goopy. But if I focus on those things that we got in the beginning, then this was some of the best Chindian food that I've had. It tasted like American Chinese take-out, but much spicier and better.

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