Monday, October 01, 2012

Fung Lum at SFO International

Beef Chow Fun

It might seem strange to be getting beef chow fun just before getting on a flight back to Asia. But I really wasn't in the mood for burgers or pizza. Lest one forget, Fung Lum has been a local South Bay restaurant for ages. (Remember those "Baaaascom Avenue" commercials on TV? The amusing thing is that the guy at the register here had a pretty thick accent too - so much that I had trouble understanding him.)

Anyway, this turned out much better than I thought it would, being pretty close to what one might get in Hong Kong without a ton of those unnecessary cabbage and carrot fillers that I would have expected from a Chinese-American takeout. Granted, they didn't have that critical Cantonese chili oil here, thus relegating me to those takeout packets of Sriracha sauce instead. But it still worked.

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