Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Total Turnaround of Bar-B-Q Tonight

Bar-B-Q Platter

The first time I went to Bar-B-Q Tonight was not long after it had finally opened its location in Singapore. And it was such an unremarkable experience that I didn't bother going back. But apparently the chef had finally come in from Pakistan to train the kitchen after that, and the food was supposed to be amazing now. We came here today for lunch as a result, and it was indeed huge change for the better.

We got this "Bar-B-Q Platter," which was a huge pile of chicken, fish, and shrimp, all of which were delicate, well-seasoned, and with the right touch of char-grilled aroma. The bigger surprise in this platter was actually underneath all of that, with pieces of lamb buried inside, providing not just a crispy skin, but also a tasty fat that helped flavor the rice. The greasy tasty rice was awesome (it reminded me a bit of Bismillah), and was easily my favorite part of it all.

I'm definitely coming back, preferably for dinner or on a weekend when I don't need to be afraid to take bites of those raw onions (apparently, squeezing limes onto them helps to take off a bit of the edge). I was told that they generally have the same items in the buffet, but I'm adamantly sticking to the platter. This was not only in the interests of getting food that is served straight from the kitchen, but also I'm not convinced that the fat from the lamb would pervade the rice as much as in those mass troughs.

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