Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kebabs n Curries at Mustafa

Lahori Mutton Chop

This place on the rooftop of Mustafa wasn't exactly something that I would think would be any good (171 Syed Alwi Road #07-00, 6419-0750). But a trusted adviser suggested this place for lunch today, and I'm glad that he did. The chaach buttermilk drink here was one of the best that I've had, being not only rich and creamy but also pleasantly spicy, complete with freshly grated ginger inside, if I tasted it correctly.

And those Lahori mutton chops above may look burned, but they were deliciously seasoned and with the added bonus of some yellow grease slowly oozing out of it onto the plate (evil grin). Now, the rest of the things that we got today weren't as memorable (and admittedly I still prefer Bar-B-Q Tonight over this place, even if I like this place's mutton better). Either way, these guys are open until 1 AM, which will make it a convenient place for a late night snack of mutton chops and chaach one of these days.

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