Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mainland China in Bangalore, India

Chindian Food

The title above may sound weird, but that was the name of the restaurant: Mainland China. We needed to get some food before going into a meeting this afternoon, and the only choices were effectively KFC or this place, a nationwide chain that is apparently considered to be one of the best Chindian restaurants around. Of course, being Chindian, I wasn't expecting it to resemble anything from China.

But it also didn't seem to resemble other forms of Chindian food that I've had before. I liked this better, including some kind of a fish in a mustard sauce that went great with rice. They also started us out with some "dim sum" that was effectively a cross between shumai and xiao long bao (think: open top but with the soup filling inside). It used chicken, but was a lot better than I thought it would be.

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