Monday, March 10, 2008

Gobi Manchurian from Annalakshmi

Gobi Manchurian and Jeera Rice

Contrary to how it might sound, the first half of Gobi Manchurian is not a reference to the desert bordering Manchuria, but rather the Hindi word for cauliflower. Yep, this Chindian dish basically consists of deep-fried cauliflower sauteed in a red "Chinese" sauce. I'm not a big fan of it due to the sweet and sour taste, but at least it's spicy.

This was from the pay-what-you-want Annalakshmi, which has since moved from the Excelsior over to Chinatown Point (133 New Bridge Road #B1-102, 6339-9993). It might seem weird to find an Indian restaurant there, but what's even more peculiar is the fact that it is tucked all the way behind a back passageway where no one would really go unless you have to go to the bathroom or something. The obscure location - nor soiled tablecloths - didn't seem to deter many people though, as it was packed tonight.

I did grab one other interesting thing: neer moor, a greenish buttermilk drink featuring ground ginger and curry, of all things. I really liked it. It reminded me a bit of sambharam, but with a very pronounced ginger taste. While I won't be going for the Gobi Manchurian again, I am coming back to Annalakshmi.


ah Teo said...

I have tried gobi manchurian from Spice Junction at race course rd and it tastes pretty good. This version does not come with any red sauce. In fact, this one is up a notch on spiciness level.

JOjo said...

I did try their buffet line,available on Weekends. Pretty decent,not many varieties but it's quite nice.