Monday, August 08, 2011

Keisuke's Tonkotsu King in Singapore

Black Spicy Ramen

Yayy!!! Keisuke opened a second outlet today at the new Orchid Hotel (1 Tras Link #01-19, 6636-0855), and it finally featured the black sansho-based oil that I loved so much from his Shodai Keisuke outlet in Tokyo. Granted, it wasn't dressed up as nicely with the tontoro chashu and chili strands that he used there, but it still featured that roasted Sichuan peppercorn taste that made this thing so delicious, especially with the sesame seeds and free eggs that one doesn't get at his PARCO Marina Bay outlet. (Keisuke-san himself was here today too, BTW.)

Someone was just asking the other day which ramen shops I like the most in Singapore, and Keisuke (either of his branches) is still at the top, even after they ditched that awesome ebi ramen. A close second for me is Kusabi, who is totally underrated in my opinion but whose gekikara uobushi is still a favorite of mine. Third would probably be either Marutama's nut-based aka ramen, or maybe Tetsu from Iluma's Ultimate Ramen Champion. While others like Santouka, Ippudo, and Nantsuttei are definitely fine examples of high quality ramen too, they blend a little into the crowd, whereas it's these other shops that really stand out from the rest.


DBrane said...

Is that a huge piece of chashu? And all you can eat eggs??

em said...

Thanks hungryboy! Will have to check this new outlet at orchid hotel and kusabi spicy geikkara. I like spicy noodles too