Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kogashi Shouyu Ramen from Kusabi

Kogashi Shouyu Ramen

On my way to Hippopotamus last night, I noticed a sign in front of Kusabi's Marina Square outlet featuring some new menu additions. One of them was labeled as kogashi ramen, but the photograph that appeared next to it puzzlingly showed a bowl with white broth. What exactly made it kogashi if there wasn't anything burned in it? The lady behind the counter couldn't answer the question either.

Still, I went back tonight and ordered one on blind faith. It arrived in that murky brown muck above; it certainly wasn't the black color that I was hoping for, but at least it wasn't white either. Then when I leaned in to sniff it, I finally realized what it was all about: it was wok hei, or that lovely scorched grease aroma that one gets from Chinese stir frying. One sip confirmed it: instead of "drinking yakiniku" in Gogyo's rendition, this was more like "drinking Cantonese ho fun."

Cool. It was not only unique, but delicious, in complete contrast to its terrible appearance. With every sip I just kept thinking of greasy noodles from Hong Kong, except of course that these still used ramen - cooked nice and firm, I might add. And while I'm still yearning for Ippudo to bring Gogyo's kogashi down here, I easily still drank this broth all the way down to the last drop. That's another hit from Kusabi in my books.

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