Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill, Singapore

Bone Marrow

When I had first heard that this French chain had opened an outlet at Marina Square (6 Raffles Boulevard #01-204, 6338-5352), I had almost no interest in it. After all, it was described as a midrange family restaurant specializing in steak, which to me sounded like Sizzler or even Jack's Place. But today I was in the area and passed by out of curiosity, with no real intent to eat here...that was, until I glanced at the menu and noticed the availability of both bone marrow and steak tartare.


Ah yes - I felt dumb: of course a French steak place would have tartare. I immediately requested it, and paired it with a rather generously sized starter of bone marrow, every single rich morsel of which I mopped up with that bread. The refreshing tartare worked for me too, especially with a pepper mill on each table to assist. Now, I still prefer the spiciness of L'Angelus instead, but this place was a lot better than I thought it would be. I wonder how their steak frites compares to Les Bouchons.

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JinSF said...

Darn, that marrow bone looks tasty. As for the 2 Buck Chuck, it's blasphemy that it is actually 3 Buck Chuck in Chicago and NYC.