Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yu Sheng from Maxwell Food Centre

Yu Sheng

Here's an updated shot of the yu sheng from Ho Kee Porridge. With all of the oil, scallions, ginger, sesame, chili peppers, and lime juice covering this thing, one couldn't really taste the fish itself. But I like it - probably for the same reason why I like that "tiger vegetable" stuff too. Snagging a couple of those greasy local Krispy Kreme things on the way out of Maxwell Food Centre was also a nice addition to this afternoon snack.

Bread PittPerhaps more interesting was the name of this stall (#94) that I randomly passed by. It looked like just another local bakery (I didn't buy anything), but the name of course drew a bit of a chuckle. This one can be filed away in the amusing names section.

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Shanghai Bunny said...

Do you know what type of fish it was?