Friday, November 30, 2007

Fish N Cheap, Hoe Chiang Road

Fish N Cheap

I'm writing only about this because of the amusing name rather than the food. Located on the former grounds of a little prawn noodle shop (9 Hoe Chiang Road), this place clearly was making a play off of the way one pronounces the word "chip" here locally. Indeed, rather than being any dedicated fish and chip shop, they were really selling local food, as evidenced by the fact that they pushed nasi lemak right when I entered the door. I still got the fish and chips, but the fish was breaded rather than battered (and they gave chili sauce packets instead of malt vinegar). It really was not that much different from one of those "Western" hawker stalls out there. But it was piping hot and crispy, and I'd rather come here than that New Harbour place down the street.

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MamaBoK said...

Yes.. ! very interesting name.. ;)