Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sole Meuniere from Fishermen's Wharf?

Atlantic Lemon Sole Fillet

That was weird. I came back to Fishermen's Wharf today and ordered the sole meuniere (listed here as the "Lemon Sole Fillet") that I remember from the menu last time. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, as it was basically just battered deep fried fish with chips in a basket again. Sure, this is a fish and chips shop, but still, they made such a big fuss boasting about how these was meuniered that I was expecting the traditional light dusting of flour with a good amount of butter. Well, taste-wise, it was still edible, with an interesting little edge created by what seemed to be a healthy dose of white pepper. But was it worth more than two times the price of the cheapest Cream Dory? Not really (especially since one end of my fish turned out surprisingly dry).

Cream DoryAgain, the portions being a bit small, I confess that I did order two baskets today, the other one being the cheaper Cream Dory, which also allowed me to reconfirm that this was the best of the bunch. That pretty much clears through through most of the menu here for me now, so I guess if I come back, it will still be for that Cream Dory. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't finish that second basket. All of that fried stuff eventually got me feeling a bit sick, even though it was good going down.


Candice said...

Wow, indeed, lots of stuff.

Just happened to surf in while Googling Shunjuu.

Like you, am planning my travel destinations around food spots now.

Am headed to Tokyo later this month, any recommendations?

Jo said...

Sir, I am impressed with a capital I! Am Singaporean and stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for the address of Corduroy and Finch for my sister.

Am always 'blur like sotong' (one of my favourite food - yeeps) about where to go (despite Singapore being food paradise) and have always ended up eating something I shouldn't in a food court. Will now read your blog like Bible and find out where I should go for nourishment of the non-spirtual kind.

Thanks mate -

bma said...

Thanks. Yeah, I was in Tokyo earlier this year, so you can start here and work your way back with the links under Previous Posts at the bottom.

Alternatively, just use the July 2006 Archive and scroll your way back.

There's always the search bar up at the top too, but I find that it's not perfect. I wanted to migrate over to Blogger Beta soon so that I can do tags and such, but I'm still waiting for all the bugs to shake themselves out.

rosewine said...

Awesome, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The atlantic lemon sole fillet was obviously done wrongly.. It's deep fried with batter..Someone in the kitchen probably forgotten about this particular fish being the only one without batter.