Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Local Food Court's "Western Grill"

Pork Chops

Food courts here naturally feature a number of local items, be it chicken rice, yong tau fu, or many types of noodles. One or two stalls might even venture out to some "foreign" food like Korean. And from time to time there is a "Western Food" stall selling things like steak or fish and chips. I never really bothered to stop at one of those stalls (especially upon seeing a rather unappetizing black pepper sauce slathered all over the steaks), but for some reason, the pork cutlet sounded kinda good today. (I must have been subliminally thinking of tonkatsu or something.) Well, let's give it a try.

I didn't quite care too much for the cold beans or pre-fabricated criss-cut fries, but the pork turned out better than I would have thought, with a crispy breading and not being too excessive on the spices (no, there is no sauce on this one). There was also something novel to me about the perfectly round fried egg too (a cookie cutter of sorts was used). While I doubt that I would progress to the steak next, at least this worked for the time being.

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