Monday, May 28, 2007

Bak Kut Teh from Founder (again)

Bak Kut Teh

Here's an updated photo of Founder's bak kut teh. There wasn't anything different. In fact, I already ate dinner tonight at the office (a disappointingly dry set of sandwiches from Simply Sandwich, BTW...those guys seriously seem to keep forgetting to spread mayo on the bread there or something). But on my way home, I felt like I needed something light to wash everything down. And the thought of bak kut teh suddenly entered my head as I passed by Old Havelock Road.

As Murphy's Law would have it though, Ya Hua, which was on the way home, was closed on Mondays (that's the second time I've done that, so I hope to remember next time by writing it here). Thus, I had the cab driver divert all the way up to Balestier Road instead, where Founder was still booming with business. The light but peppery broth with some thin noodles, tofu skins, and chili peppers was exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day of work. Ahhh...relief.


JadedOne said...

Yum! That soup with rib bones (is that what it is?) looks sooo good. I'd want to sip on that soup after a long night of drinking. *drool*

|Г*~` 羼G耄 `~*ぇ| said...

What a weird coincidence...

I stumbled upon your blog when I did a search for salty, buttered popcorn. :)

Then I read that u had bah ku teh in my 'hood and I ate that for supper just last nite too!

I think I'll be a regular reader from now on :) Thanks for the yummy entertainment ^_^

ClearTear said...

just had dinner at ya hua bah(meat) ku(bone) teh(tea), had Pai Ku instead, which is the ribs part with more tender meat, their salted vegetables really nice, pig trotters nice too.

BTW, Monday Singapore dun Sell pork, thats why no pork stall will open on Monday.

Also most stall will rest on monday after hard work with the weekend crowds.