Monday, February 12, 2007

Simply Sandwich, Robinson Road


Yay! Simply Bread's sandwich offshoot on Robinson Road (120 Robinson Road #01-01, 6536-6041) has finally opened, thus rounding out what has really become a Sandwich Row of sorts in the CBD. Only after looking at the menu did I realize that these guys already had a couple other locations established, including one at Millenia Walk. Nonetheless, I was happy to give this place a shot to see how it fared against its neighbors.

Interestingly, they also offered a bunch of pre-made sandwiches in triangle-shaped boxes sitting in the fridge for busy office workers to pick up on the run. But unlike the others, these guys actually offered some large boxes containing three half-sandwiches, thus effectively giving you 1.5 sandwiches...and each of the three being a different type of sandwich too. Nice. Well, I didn't come here for any pre-made sandwiches though. I wanted one made on the spot instead.

I thus went for the GHC, which was described as something to the effect of mustard, melted cheese, and shaved ham. It wasn't until they called out my order that I realized that GHC stood for Grilled Ham and Cheese. This fared very well, with bread that was fresh enough for me to like, plus some tasty sharp cheddar inside that gave this just the right bite. I wasn't quite expecting them to shove this into one of those George Foreman grills and flattening it in the process though, so next time I'm gonna try grabbing some of the other choices, such as a BLT that looked pretty darned good.

This is easily now my favorite sandwich shop out of all of these other guys on the street. The main thing is the good yet simple ingredients that they used. The coleslaw was also on the refreshing side, and the staff was very engaging. Thumbs up.


Sung Sook said...

Mmmmmmm, sandwich...

a bts addict said...

What's the price range like for the sandwiches?