Sunday, October 01, 2006

Simply Bread, Robertson Quay

Roast Beef Sandwich

This was another recommendation in a posting from a while back. Instead of going to the shop on 5th Avenue though, we went to the original bakery at the Quayside (#01-15, 6732-2966). Right when we walked in, we got a whiff of freshly baked bread, as well as French toast grilling away. Naturally, we ordered a plate of the French toast, as well as a roast beef sandwich. The latter came first, and was encouragingly done with nothing but with meat, tomatoes, and grain mustard. The Projectshop Cafe could use a lesson or two from here.

French ToastThe French toast came next. It was a bit odd to see it without any powdered sugar on top (cue: Road Trip). I got another surprise when I realized that the maple syrup was actually honey instead (apparently that's the way it's done in Hong Kong?), thus making it a bit too sweet (but at least they kept it on the side). Well, the toast was rather perfectly grilled though (cue: Kramer vs. Kramer), so if they would just offer maple syrup for this, then we would be set.

Despite these issues, overall this place was pretty good, without being pretentious. We'll come back again for breakfast. A very tall and aptly named "Everything" sandwich that was ordered by a neighboring table looked like it was worth trying too.


Anonymous said...

They have a roast beef melt too. Bread, beef, onion, cheese, hot mustard, bread. All toasted together such that the cheese melts. Man...

The steak sandwich is good too, but depends on the staff frying it for you.

Oh and you can choose the kind of bread u want for the sandwich. No extra charges. I like the rustic w sunflower. Or the sourdough.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the "Simply Bread" @ Robertson Quay has closed their bakery shop, their website, too is not function anymore? What happened?