Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Madison's The Super Sandwich Place

Madison's Texas Sandwich

This place at Marsh & McLennan Centre (18 Cross Street #01-06, 6536-3466) featured a number of signs on the outside that stated "The Super Sandwich Place" (in bigger letters than the name of the restaurant itself) and featured a photograph of a sandwich stacked up nice and tall. With such a promise offered, I knew I had to step inside and check it out. I went for their Texas sandwich, which featured roast beef, an onion mushroom sauce, and cheese melt. Hey - if it's Texan, it's gotta be big, right?

False Advertising?Wrong! What came out what laughably small compared to what I was expecting. Not only was there only a few pieces of meat inside, but it looked like they had put this thing into a George Foreman grill or something in order to toast it, which only further compressed this down into this tiny little thing (it also unfortunately squeezed the juice out of the tomato and thus made the bread a bit soggy).

Well, at least it tasted much better than I thought it would, with a surprisingly rich flavor that I really had no complaints about, physical attributes aside. In fact, I liked the taste enough that I might actually return...but maybe just remember to order two next time or something.

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Anonymous said...

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