Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Munch, Robinson Road

Big Munch BLT

I never knew there was a sandwich shop here (112 Robinson Road, 6223-5197) until recently, so I came by to give it a shot today. Actually, it wasn't a dedicated sandwich shop: they also featured items like pasta and such on the menu. But with a big sandwich making station, it was clear what I was going to get, especially when they labeled their Big Munch BLT as one of their "Munch Most Wanted" items.

It turned out to be very straightforward. It wasn't bad, but there wasn't necessarily anything to get me too excited either. At least it was the right size, and hence would be considered in my mind to be the bare minimum of what a sandwich shop should provide. I did like the bag of black pepper seasoned chips that I got on the side at least.

It's interesting to see so many sandwich shops popping up right next to each other, with Pret A Manger on one side, the sandwich shop just a short hop away from them, and even Subway in the middle. Across the street lies this place, as well as another sandwich shop under construction called Simply Sandwich (I believe it is related to the Simply Bread guys?). When can we get Potbelly Sandwich Works out here??


James said...

On Munch: I never tried it as I didn't hold out much hope after seeing the same crew from the O'Brien's that used to be at that location. The quality of the sandwiches from that O'Brien's was quite pitiful (a very slapdash approach to the making e.g. soaking sandwiches in a sauce that left the sandwich verging on inedible). Sandwiches aren't difficult to get right. Pret has some nice stuff apart from the size of the sandwich but I think the Roast Beef from the Sandwich Shop is my favourite overall.

Kyo said...

Have you been to "The Moomba"?

It's in between Penny Black's and the Fullerton (walk right next to the river, and look for a small concrete/white half-submerged staircase behind a glass door with a silver metal handle.

(the sign's a little hard to see)

I was just introduced to this place today, and had a roast beef sandwich on Ciabatta bread (they have a whole variety of breads to choose from).

My other colleague went for the smoked tea chicken sandiwch, and he said it was great too.

The bread used went down really well, and when I opened up the sandwich and tasted the mushroom on its own... well, it really hit the right buttons!

Give it a go (it's a bit of a walk, going to Boat Quay for a sandwich, but definitely good to know).