Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Two More from Simply Sandwich


Here's just a couple quick items from Simply Sandwich, the first of which is the BLT. There weren't necessarily any huge surprises, but it still managed to distinguish itself thanks to its great bread and fresh ingredients.

The Everything SandwichI wasn't as big of a fan of the so-called "Everything" sandwich though. Featuring turkey, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, this thing was rather dry and not as fun to eat. It almost seemed as if she simply forgot to put mayo on this thing.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I tried their Chunky Egg Sandwich at their 6th Ave outlet on toasted sunflower seed bread and was really yummy, good balamce of egg and not overpowering with mayo. You can also ask for their Ciabatta bread, warmed and toasted, taste really good too.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the branch on Philip Street: Considering I am paying S$10.30 on a fairly regular basis for sandwiches, I would be grateful for more eye contact, a smile and a simple 'thank you' when paying. The cashier (female with short hair) has a very bad attitude. I enter in a good mood and leave Simply Sandwich feeling upset.