Monday, June 30, 2014

Azmaya Is At The New Lau Pa Sat

Beef Teppan

Lau Pa Sat finally reopened today. Sure, it looked slightly better (and those huge overhead fans now provide much needed circulation under that roof), but many of the stalls were the same. The only noteworthy items I could see at a quick skim were an outlet of Manniu Mala Xiangguo, Mamacitas, and to my surprise, Azmaya.

Yep, Azmaya set up a food court stall. But rather than serving shabu shabu like they do at their restaurant, they did yakitori as well as this Pepper Lunch knockoff. The problem though was that those pans were just not able to retain heat like Pepper Lunch's, thus providing none of the scorched crispiness that I love. Oh well.

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