Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunny Viet, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Phở and gỏi cuốn

I don't really go to Lau Pa Sat too much these days, but I needed to be in the neighborhood around noon today anyway, so I figured it'd be worth stopping by to see what new stalls have popped up. This Vietnamese one naturally caught my eye (18 Raffles Quay Stall 98), especially since they even offered bánh xèo. That was only available after 3 PM though, so I fell back on the usual bowl of phở.

The sad appearance of the gỏi cuốn wasn't too encouraging at first, but the phở was better than I thought it would be, especially compared to previous experiences of getting phở at a hawker center. Their đặc biệt version had more cuts of meat than I was expecting too, even if the herbs were pre-mixed. Unfortunately, the broth wasn't good enough for me to finish, which also meant that I'm not exactly going to get any cravings for this place either.

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