Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phở 66, Kiu Leong Tong, Singapore


Another phở shop has opened in the CBD. Well, sorta. It is technically outside of the CBD (241 Cantonment Road, 6509-0933)...just south of the Pinnacle@Duxton. And it's not really a shop; it's a hawker stall. So I wasn't really getting my hopes up given my last experience with such a place.

Fortunately, this one was a lot better, with a broth that was full of flavor. The meat quality left a lot to be desired, but hey - at S$4 (US$3), one can't expect much. They also pre-garnished your bowl; I prefer being able to pick from a selection of fresh herbs instead. Well, this would do for a quick snack, I suppose.


Dennis K. said...

Wow, many banh mi are creeping up well past three bucks here. For a bowl a pho what a bargain..

The Dichotomist said...

As good/better than the Pho I had at the Metropole in Hanoi.

bloorozez said...

i'm glad this one was better and who can beat it! $3!