Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eating Phở Tái on Shenton Way

Phở Tái

Buddy's Restaurant (25 Shenton Way #01-07, 9092-3934) is just an everyday Singaporean cze cha, but they recently added a stand out in front where a lady specializes in Vietnamese food. Actually, there wasn't much more than just phở and gỏi cuốn, but nonetheless the phở turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting.

It reminded me a bit of Phở Cong Ly in Saigon with its to-the-point style, but basil and bean sprouts were still provided. The broth was very light and clear, and yet it was still and savory. I liked how they loaded it up with coarsely ground black pepper and shredded scallions too. It was a lot better than many of the other phở shops in downtown.

This was a bad choice during the week though, as it definitely required some teeth brushing after returning to the office. And the time window for this is fairly limited; even though Buddy's cze cha (unrelated to Buddy's Sawasdee, I assume) is open until well past midnight, the phở apparently sells out just after lunch.


Anonymous said...

Do they have bun bo hue?

Anonymous said...

Those bubbles in the broth make it look like it's fermenting...

Babeskinme said...

I just want to let you know how happy I am to find your blog here. Your blog is my eating guide in S'pore. I have been reading your blog for quite sometimes. We have so much in common, I was born in S'pore, grew up in Taiwan, educated in America (So Cal). Your blog brings me a sense of home in so many ways.
Thank you for sharing your passion =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hungryboy,

If you like to eat Pho and you happen to be in Paris, go to Chinatown where there is a large Vietnamese community and a lot of restaurants that serve excellent and authentic Pho as well as other Vietnamese dishes (Bun Bo Hue, Hu Tieu, broken rice etc). My favourite restaurant is "BIDA SAIGON", 44 avenue d'Ivry, centre commercial "les Olympiades", 75013 Paris. Very popular with Vietnamese and everyone else. IMO,their PHO is even better than the ones I ate in Vietnam and the US, and of course much better than the ones in S'pore.


Miss said...

Hi Hungryboy,

I forgot to mention 2 other good Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown, Paris:

70,rue Baudricourt

97, avenue d’Ivry


Anonymous said...

Syd has the best pho, with oz raw beef...yummmm