Thursday, July 09, 2009

Buddy's Sawasdee Thai Suki Soup

Thai Suki Soup

That was different. We hit Maxwell Food Centre for a quick bite after work when I noticed a new stall (number 67) advertising something called Original Thai Suki Seafood Soup. That alone wasn't really anything to get me excited, but the tagline "it's not tomyum" did make me curious. (That, and a claim about someone named Madam Baibong making this since 1955 - even if I have no idea if that meant anything.) I grabbed a bowl just to give it a try.

It was better than I thought it would be. A brown sauce made it a bit tangy, some pureed chili peppers gave it heat, and little raw garlic cloves provided the kick. Now, this won't exactly be an object of late night cravings, but the fresh taste and chunks of seafood were reminiscient enough of cuttlefish soup from Taiwan (except of course that the broth was much thinner) for me to go right back for a second bowl.

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