Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pho from a Hawker off Sixth Avenue


While waiting for our pizza to be reheated over at Pizza Da Donato, we noticed a sign at one of the kopitiams down the street advertising pho. Really? Pho from a hawker here? (Look for the Mixed Vegetable Rice stall at Anne's Corner Food Place off Sixth Avenue.) I had to give this one a try.

When the bowl arrived, I was so let down to see lettuce leaves sitting in the bowl...this was not a good sign. Indeed, the greens and bean sprouts came pre-mixed, the lime wedge was actually calamansi instead, and the meat was cut into chunks. This was looking worse by the second.

Upon tasting it though, I fortunately did find a very pleasant surprise: the meat was incredibly tender...almost like Taiwanese beef noodles, but even more so. Even the thin slices of raw meat in this bowl were super tender too. Nice...gotta give this guy a thumbs up for that.

Unfortunately, when putting the whole package together, this was still not anything that I'd come back for (the broth, while better than I thought it would be, was rather watered down). It was indeed a bit like a cross between Vietnamese pho and local beef noodles, and I suppose the purist in me isn't a big fan of that. I'll stick to Pizza Da Donato instead...or maybe I'll try that prawn noodle guy across the street next time.


JH said...

I used to work opp the place. And I read ur blog all the time while working no less but that's another story.

The pizza place is pretty well known in the area - that'd be what I'd be eating every single day if I didn't need like 2 or 3 slices to get filled. The pho's kinda bad though, in my opinion, tender beef or not.

stan said...

despite what you say about the pho on Sixth Ave, its finally closed down. Does anyone know where they had moved to? I am very sad that they're gone! Please anyone?