Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pizza da Donato, Sixth Avenue

Mushroom pizza

Cool - this was a good one. Mentioned by the same Italian colleague of mine who recommended the absolutely wonderful La Braceria, this alfresco stand in a back alley of Sixth Avenue (Unit 8a, 6219-7562) proudly displayed all sorts of beautiful pizza by the (square) slice in a glass case from wall to wall, not to mention some other oddities like calzone, sausages, and some kind of flat pizza-like sandwiches.

While the crust of the mushroom pizza that I grabbed was a touch thicker and "doughy" than this non-bread eater prefers, it didn't really matter that much in the end, as the quality of the sauce and toppings really came through to make this a very pleasant experience. I definitely look forward to coming back to try some of the other things they have.


Anonymous said...

hi, does your picture show one slice of pizza or 3?

bma said...

One slice...they cut it into three after I ordered it.

Munchmunch said...

Came upon your blog while googling the "tao kae noi" seaweed... great to see someone who loves food like I do.

What style of pizza do you prefer? New York thin crust "fold" pizza or Chicago thick crust?

Anonymous said...

I stay near Pizza da Donato and used to take away the pizza slices for dinner after work. However it appears that the standards has dropped quite a bit after the Italian owner closed his restaurant joint down the road and concentrated his efforts on this hole in the wall shop. More tomato base (but spread very thinly across the pizza), less ingredients, you get the gist. Let me know if you think it's still good :)

Anonymous said...

Used to work for Donato (name of the owner). I agree that the standards have dropped. He used to make them himself, think he leaves the making of the pizzas to his staff now. =(