Thursday, January 25, 2007

More from La Braceria


Here are a couple more items from La Braceria, the first of which is the fettucine topped with truffles and sausage. This came together very nicely, especially with the noodles staying nice and firm. We also had their namesake pizza alla braceria, which featured tenderloin slices and what appeared to be a bit of butter too. One doesn't exactly expect to find either of those on pizza, but they worked wonderfully here, providing an exciting aroma yet still being perfectly thin and crispy. No wonder why this place is so well praised for its pizza. (They also provided some super spicy chili pepper flakes reminiscient of Borgo - be careful with that stuff!)

SalsiccieFinally, here were their homemade sausages, which were filled so robustly that a slice of this hearty stuff seemed more like eating a cut of steak or pork chop rather than any finely ground mystery meat. It wasn't necessarily spicy, but it did have just the right amount of borderline-excessive fat to give it some character.

Rock on. My Italian colleague once mentioned to me that this is one of the best places in town, and I can't disagree with him. This was a refeshingly delightful meal, and the service today was also spot-on. If only it were a little easier to get to...

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