Saturday, September 02, 2006

Borgo, Bukit Timah Road

Ravioli Del Giorno

This place (789 Bukit Timah Road, 6466-7762) was mentioned a number of times recently; not only in a posted comment, but also in a couple of print publications that I saw the other day. With all of this going on (coupled with my affinity for La Braceria), we stopped by today for lunch to see what all the buzz was about.

Pancetta E Parmigiano RossaSince this guy apparently used to make pizzas at La Braceria, we made sure to order one, my selection being the pancetta e parmigiano rossa variety. As expected, the crust was thin and crunchy as it came out tongue-scorchingly hot from the oven. Taste-wise, I was initially hoping for a little more of an edge in the ingredients, such as perhaps an overwhelmingly rich cheese or something, which I never got. But there definitely wasn't anything wrong with these ingredients, as it was all very fresh and still very tasty (and I suppose the basil did distinguish it a bit). I'll have to try some of the other varieties next time.

We also grabbed the ravioli while we were at it. Today's cream sauce smelled a bit too garlicky to me at first, but I ended up really liking how rich it was (in fact, this was a good example of the surprising edge that I was hoping to get in the pizza). Another highlight of the meal was the dry chili pepper flakes that they provided with the pizza. It looked like the Thai variety that one sprinkles onto things like pad thai, but this stuff really packed some tongue-numbing heat (the waiter did warn us beforehand). We asked about it afterwards and were told that this was a homemade thing. Anyway, thumbs up for me. We'll be coming back...they had a big charcoal grill for things like sausages and steaks that I definitely want to come back for.


Anonymous said...

What are the prices at Borgo like?

Anonymous said...

We went to Fabbrica in Dempsey Road last week. The setting was nice and owner was friendly. They even arranged a table outside for us.

We ordered a bottle of Italian wine, not too bad, although we were first a bit wary because the cork was damped and it seemed there was a small trace of wine sipped through the cork. But when wine was tasted it was ok.

We ordered a foei gras and Mozzarella cheese wrapped with ham. The foei gras was so so but the Mozzarella cheese was disasterous. It was very cold as if it just came from a fridge (which I assume it could be). We had to send back the starters back to the kitchen. When the cheese came back, I tried it and it was tasteless and rubbery. Disappointed.

For main course, we had duck confit and beef tenderloin. I must tell you this, the beef tenderloin was the worst ever. I asked for medium and it came in burnt on the outside and inside was rare!!!! Again, very disappointed this time, we had to send back the beef tenderloin back to the kitchen. When it came back to me, the meat was well-done and dry. Oh my GOD. Whats wrong?? I just could not believe it. So many wrong things in one dinner. HORRIBLE

We had to help ourselves with our bottle of wine (decanted).

Never never again would I go back to Fabbrica. Traumatic experience indeed.

Its north and south, black and white if compared with Borgo or even Cantina. Of cos, Borgo and Cantina are much better.

Anonymous said...

Correction- the main chef who made pizza (also was original owner) from la braceria left singapore and set up a restaurant in japan. Borgo's chef Mimo was a chef for la braceria but he mainly specalised in homemade italian sausages and grills