Friday, January 25, 2013

Maguroya at Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

Salmon Don

I originally stayed away from this place when I first came by last week, as the menu just didn't look very encouraging (18 Raffles Quay Stall #79). But a post by the Chubby Hubby this week was enough to make me reconsider, as he made it sound rather interesting.

Unfortunately, I didn't like it. That bowl above may look pretty, but the fish was sliced too thinly, the rice was too vinegary, and the wait was just too darned long (for a hawker center, anyway).

Granted, today's special was dirt cheap at only S$6 (US$5), so it's not like one can really complain. But I'd rather go to Ikeikemaru if I had wanted reasonably-priced sushi for lunch. Hopefully the other items on the menu here fare a little better?

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