Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baba Kabob at Moveable Feast

Saffron Rice Bowl

Time for more food trucks, this one being part of Moveable Feast's Sunday lunch at 350 Saratoga Avenue. There were only four trucks today, one of which was CurryUpNow, while another was serving Filipino food. There was a meatloaf truck that did a decent fried chicken sandwich, but I focused on the kabob shop.

This "saffron rice bowl" was effectively a single beef koobideh, which suited me quite well considering that I regretted not having grabbed any Persian food back when I was down south. Of course, being in a takeout box, there was only so much that they could provide, but the skewer included a grilled cherry tomato as well as onions, so that worked for me.

Unfortunately, I didn't care much for that sharbat drink that they touted on the side of their truck. I mean, I love cherry juice, but I wish that this weren't laced with flower petals. The fried rice balls were interesting and full of saffron flavor too, but I would have preferred to just melt some butter into my rice. I still gobbled it all down either way.

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