Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hapa SF at Off the Grid SF

Sisig Tacos

This was totally unexpected. I was actually en route to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market when I saw a bunch of food trucks in front of me as part of the Off the Grid collection. Cool - there was no way that I was going to pass this one by!

Filipino food was the last thing that I thought that I would be getting too. But there was something on the menu here that looked particularly interesting: sisig tacos. I love sisig, and I love tacos, so surely must like sisig tacos, right? Little bits of minced pork shoved into tortillas and topped with salsa sounded like a very natural fit, after all.

And the good thing is that it did indeed work, eating these two single-ply tacos with ease. I admittedly won't be getting it again though; the meat was dry and rather crudely cut, and just didn't really taste like the sisig I know. If I had closed my eyes, I might have thought it to be just any other pork taco.

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Mojo_HK said...

make sure you hit up Shalimar at 532 Jones St. Between Geary and O'Farrell.

Get the seekh kebabs (meat - not chicken), the lahori chicken (get the leg) and the lamb chops and some naan. If you want a curry - I'd suggest the Saag Gosht (Spinach meat) along with some piping hot naan.