Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fely J's Kitchen, Makati City, Philippines

Sizzling Sisig

The last time I was in the Philippines, there was one dish that I wanted to try but never got around to eating: sisig. Tonight, my client wanted to take me here (Greenbelt 5 Level 2, Ayala Center, 728-8878) for some local food, so of course we ordered the sisig.

It was delicious. These little bits of pig skin and fat shaved off of the head were tasty little morsels that went perfectly with a cold beer, especially with some of those spicy little chili peppers to give this salty greasy lime-accentuated hot-plate-scorched concoction some further kick. Awesome.

It's too bad that I couldn't say the same about the fresh lumpia we got though. It was limp, mushy, and honestly kinda nasty. At least the tokwa't baboy deep fried tofu and pig parts fell somewhere in the middle with its onion, chili, and vinegar dressing.

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