Friday, June 27, 2008

C2 Classic Cuisine, Manila, Philippines

Boneless Crispy Pata

This was a completely random pitstop that we came across after having gotten back into the city. Presumably unrelated to the local C2 tea drink, this place (Level 1 Midtown Wing at Robinson's Manila, 466-6387) did a bit of a modern interpretation of local food. I thus don't know how true to form the dishes here were, but there wasn't much of a choice either way as this was our last stop before heading to the airport. I was happy either way to see that they had pata and sisig, two items that I didn't have the chance to get earlier.

I'm glad we did get get them though. The pata, or hog's hoof, was pretty much just as I imagined it: almost schweinshaxe-like, but with a few tough parts that I couldn't quite figure out how to eat. The skin was not the paper-thin version from the other night, but pork skin is delicious no matter what form it's in.

I also got to try the sisig, a little pile of sauteed salty pork bits and onions, which was great, if a bit fatty. I think finally see why there is such an affinity for sour food here now: preservation intentions aside, vinegar provides a much needed distance from all of the rich pork fat. I'm liking it more and more.

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