Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Assortment of Filipino Packaged Goods

Clockwise from upper left: Granny Goose Brew Bud Pork Sisig Flavor, Summit Zero Cal, Dalandan Soda, Marlo's Special Pork Chicharon, and Narcing's Fish Crackle

Time for a recap of local drinks and snacks from the Philippines. There was certainly no shortage of snacks around here. The Brew Bud chips alone says the attitude about the latter: known as pulutan, many of these things were apparently made to go with beer. I certainly couldn't complain about pork rinds. It was interesting to see a little bit of vinegar included with those little deep fried fish though. At first it seemed a bit weird given my initial reaction to sour food here, but I guess that it isn't that different from drenching fish & chips in malt vinegar either.

C2 Cool and Clean Green TeaDrinks-wise, the Summit Zero Cal above was a flavored carbonated water that I rather enjoyed, although for some reason I kept getting an odd aftertaste with that citrusy Dalandan Fruitsoda. C2 was a green tea drink that was apparently quite popular here, but was a bit too syrupy for my liking. The Cali pineapple drink below was just pineapple-flavored soda.

Cali Sparkling Pineapple Drink and Gina Mango NectarFinally, Gina was a mango nectar that we heard of some folks hauling back to Singapore by the case-load, so I was quite intrigued. But it just tasted like it sounded: a thick mango nectar. I think I was more amused by the Gina name, which kept conjuring up the speed dating scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin in my head.


Anonymous said...

Love love love your blog! I especially LOVE the airline food reviews, excellent move. Now I know what to order instead of being "petrified" by the ubiquitious mushroom smell in everything and anything they serve.

Based on your Filipino experience, is it true that they serve all their food lukewarm? I was watching this makansutra segment on TV about Filipino food in Singapore being served warm or even cool. Their reply was that its the tradition even back in their country. So just wondering if thats the case.

Since youve been to Filipino, perhaps you can try the Filipino stalls in Singapore and compare their authenticity. There are quite a number that popped up in the East Coast area of Singapore. Let me know if you'd like a list. (that is, after you get over your Filipino overload! haha)

Anonymous said...

here's a little recommendation.
Do buy corn bits - its a filipino snack!!!! My maid recommended it to me as well, and I eat it everyday. It's addictive as hell! It's fried savoury corn. Locals should know what it is if you mention corn bits/chips. Enjoy, because I do too!