Saturday, June 14, 2008

A British Soft Drink Roundup

Head Start

Time for a roundup of some local drinks from here in the UK. The first one came in a very timely manner as I stumbled through a 24 hour Tesco after a few beers earlier this week, as a product called Head Start appeared "for alcohol consumers." Yep - it was designed for fighting hangovers.

It instructed you to buy two bottles: one for consuming before going to sleep and one upon waking up. That's what I usually do with water anyway, so I dunno if this sports-drink-background formulation really made much of a difference. And the tart taste probably would have been much better had I drank it chilled. But I generally liked it, and it was certainly interesting to see.

Likke Bigga Grape and Ka Karribean KolaNext up were a couple Jamaican drinks that I got when I was down in Brixton. The one on the left was simply grape soda, while the Karribean Kola on the right was a bit more interesting. I couldn't completely place my finger on it, but it didn't taste like cola. It was a bit fruity; almost like cherry soda or something. I think the label said that it actually came from the UK rather than Jamaica itself.

This Water and The Juice DoctorLastly came a couple of healthier drinks that pretty much combined water with juices. Both were much lighter in taste than I was expecting but nonetheless were refreshing ways to rehydrate after so many nights of drinking.

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~ babyduo said...

i love "this water", thanks to their great packaging. there's also this brand called 'innocent', which makes smoothies and such healthy beverages. nothing you can't make yourself if you've got some fruits lying around, but i'm a slave of consumerism.